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Pigmacare is a skin-whitening facial cream from TrioMed created and formulated to rebalance the production of melanin giving more even and white skin tone. This beauty product is a face cream which has the ingredients to reduce existing pigmentation and prevent skin darkening in a blink of eyes. With Pigmacare your skin is significantly lightened.


Kojic Acid %0.3, a-Hydroxy acids %2, Lactobacillus/Lemon peel ferment extract %2
● Pigmacare is perfect as a primer for makeup.

● It is a dependable and reliable choice against skin darkening

● Pigmacare creates a smooth complexion.

● Pigmacare gives more even and white skin tone.

● It is a product for pregnant women who develop facial skin patches which also known as “the mask of pregnancy.”

● Through a regular use, skin redness and tint are reduced and skin tone is perfectly balanced.

● Its result is a visibly more even and radiant complexion.

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