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This creation is another pharmaceutical product from TrioMed formulated for not only pregnant women but lactating women as well. The product is safe from day one for pregnant women. Cystoff can get rid of acute and recurrent cystitis while also has the potential of eliminating honeymoon cystitis in a short time.


Fructose, Urosolic acid and Benzoic acid, Vitamin C, Proanthocyanidins, Saccharomyces, Vitamin D3, and FOS.
● It has two anti-inflammatory Agents.

● Cystoff acidifies the urine, disturbing the proliferation of coli bacillus.

● It protects the intestinal epithelium.

● It has nutrients for microflora.

● Cystoff inhibits the adherence of E.coli type 1 and bacteria to the bladder wall by neutralizing P-type pili.

● Above all, it has immune modularity properties.

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