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This pharmaceutical product is made to heal throat infection; Proporal Gola will work overtime to fast recovery from throat infections. It is made of ingredients that are essential for throat repair naturally. The combination of the ingredients will help fortify and restore throat to reverse the damage to a new and healthy throat. By just using this therapeutic product, you will find yourself having a clear throat in a blink of an eye. The product is not a miracle, but it is an excellent cure for the throat and is a suitable pharmaceutical product for the throat infection.


Honey, Propolis, Vitamin B6, Grapefruit seeds, Sage, Astragalus, Hedge Mustard, Eucalyptus and Mint.
● Proporal Gola is a natural sore throat treatment spray formulated for everybody.

● The product has antiviral antibacterial properties.

● It has the potential to reduce inflammation and sooth oropharyngeal mucosa.

● Above all, Proporal Gola promotes voice tone in case of Dysphonia.

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