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Who We Are

TrioMed is a pioneer pharmaceutical drugstore company serving medical professionals and healthcare consumers in UAE and Arab market.

We are famously known as a provider of pharmaceutical products representing a strong competitor that constantly works on attracting the most qualified people from different pharmaceutical fields. We hand pick those who seek to serve the clients and provide them with the best solutions to fit their needs, and who suit our community and can reach Since the establishment of TrioMed, we have been serving our clients with quality pharmaceutical products and our impeccable knowledge of bazaar changes.

Here at TrioMed, we have an extensive transportation network that brings products to your door promptly wherever you are in UAE. We are unswerving to superior service to rural areas as well as the major urban markets.

Your health is our concern

New Possibilities And Unlimited Care. Bringing to you the best beauty and health products around the UAE.

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+971 4 351 0422